Studio & Rates

~ All classes 60 minutes in length unless otherwise specified

~ All mats, straps and props provided. Please dress comfortably

~ We use essential oils, sprays, candles and fragrances in the studio

~ No Monday 6:00 am classes on stat holidays or long weekends

~ Please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and any schedule changes

~ Drop in $10

~ 11 class punch card $100

~ One month unlimited $115

~ Three month unlimited $330

~ Six month unlimited $600

~ One year unlimited $950

~ Cash or e-transfer accepted

Winter/Spring Schedule 2020



Rise & Shine – Janine (Monday-Friday)

A Vinyasa flow class combining breath & movement. Focusing on strength and alignment; effort and ease and allowing time for Pranayama in each class. Theme’s of this class vary day to day from strengthening or lengthening specific body parts, chakra activation, mindfulness and everything in between! This class is suitable for all levels as modifications and variations are always offered.

Hatha – Shawn (Monday-Saturday)

Hatha Yoga is an introduction to the foundation poses of yoga, and this is a weekly series focused on the union of the physical body, mindful focus and breath. Each day has a theme featuring a set of related physical postures and breathing techniques, practised more slowly and with more static posture holds than a typical flow class. You will work on the physical alignment best suited for your own body and learn the verbal cuing for each pose; as well, each week we will introduce you to one of the 8 limbs of yoga. The class is recommended for all levels of ability.

Energy Boost – Shawn (Monday-Friday)

A quick 50 minute class designed to get your body moving after a morning at your desk, refreshing you and getting you back to work energized and ready to finish the day strong. The class is recommended for all levels of ability.

Foundation Flow – Michellene (Monday, Wednesday)

A set series of primary postures created to develop strength, balance and flexibility; it is a strong flow style class that moves at a slow pace holding most postures for 3-5 rounds of breath. It’s a class that typically appeals to those who are continually looking to push their personal boundaries by continually seeking a new edge and a deeper sense of self-awareness to their practice. During this 60 minute class you will find yourself building heat from yogic breath and a good old fashion sweat from the strength of the series. This is not necessarily the best choice for your first yoga class ever, but rather, it’s better suited to those with a general understanding of the primary postures. 

Beginner Flow – Mandy (Tuesday)

This class is a judgement free zone! You don’t need to be perky, flexible or wearing head to toe Lululemon attire. We provide all the props, all you have to do is show up.  In our Beginner’s Flow class, students will move through breath focused sequences that utilize sun salutations to link individual poses into a flowing whole. 

Yin – Charmaine (Friday)

Charmaine invites you to slow down in this 90 min Yin class, perfect for winding down at the end of the week. Developing mindfulness and awareness, as well as creating space for stillness and relaxation allows the body to open up and heal itself on many levels. Yin yoga nourishes joints, tendons, ligaments and fascia. It calms the mind and restores internal systems. Gentle music and a soothing voice combined with an array of props will allow for a most beautiful surrender.

Kundalini – Tess (Tuesday)

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful style of yoga that gives fast results. An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices. Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras. The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.

Yin – Janine (Thursday)

Picture this; candles burning, music soft and soothing.  The lights are down low and the props are set out.  The class begins with Pranayama or Breath work, giving students an opportunity to connect with themselves.  Then we move through various yin postures, postures that are held for 1-3 minutes.  The challenge of this class is that you become passive, while stretching the boundaries of your capacity to be at ease within yourself-physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Deep Six Yin – Michellene (Saturday)

This peaceful practice begins with five minutes of centering through breath work and intention setting. From there Yogi’s are mindfully guided into deeply rooted, passive holds that will last 6-10minutes. This practice is designed to support and preserve joint, bone, and connective tissue health. You are encouraged to relax your body and breathe through any challenge that may arise. If you can simply be with the moment just as it is and allow the pull of gravity to draw you in we believe the benefits to be incredibly powerful for both mind & body. Yin yoga is a beautiful way to help improve your overall mobility and range of motion, and specifically the hips, pelvis and spine over time. All levels welcome however this class is typically for those who have experienced Yin Yoga few times before and want to get deeper into the hips, hamstrings, groin and pelvis.

Freedom Flow – Janine (Thursday)

Charmaine (Friday)

Michellene (Saturday, Sunday)

This Vinyasa style practice is an intuitive flow that uses breath synchronized movement. The inhalations help to create length and space in both the body and mind, while the exhalations allow you to explore depth while surrendering into this newly found freedom. Each week a fresh  60 minute sequence will take you on a creative journey of basic postures with some FUNky variations and innovative transitions. We dedicate this creative activity or divine play to that nature within each of us. You will be encouraged to consider your yoga mat as your magic carpet for this solo flight to freedom. So leave all your worries behind and come get your creative juices flowing with a practice that will no doubt leave you reconnected to the joy of child-like wanderlust.

Yin Yogassage – Michellene (Monday)

Monday’s are for fresh starts and there is no better way to set the tone for an amazing week that includes self-care than with this Yin & Restorative Hybrid. Yogassage is a practice of deep indulgence for the mind body & soul through the combination of Yoga + Massage. The class begins and ends in Savasana and all postures are kept low to the ground with every supportive prop you could ever need from the lavender eye masks right down to the plush bankers to keep your toes warm. You will be guided through a highly thoughtful sequence that has been designed to progress deeper and deeper gradually. Most postures are delivered in either in reclining, seated or prone position and offer a full body experience. There is something magical that happens each week when we come together for this ongoing practice of letting go and letting it be; this has been a house favourite since day one and if you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for? You are promised to leave so blissed out you are likely to forget where you parked your car; you are advised to be careful floating home.

Restorative & Reflexology Michellene & Janine (Wednesday)

Practicing Restorative Yoga offers the opportunity to those who practice, a chance to connect with a sense of both motionlessness and shapelessness. As the body takes this well deserved time to unwind, everyday troubles begin to melt away taking with them the accumulation of both stress and tension. The heart rate and will breath slow down, worries will dissolve and all sense of time vanishes as you deeply nourish yourself with this long practiced sacred tradition. This time spent in stillness allows both mind and body a much needed withdrawal from the frenetic pace of life and it’s abundance of stimuli coming in from all directions. Restorative & Reflexology is presented by Michellene guiding your yoga practice while Janine offers Reflexology supporting your journey. This shared practice will amplify your level of restorative rejuvenation experienced not only on the mat during class but also long after the mat is rolled up. 

Gentle Yin – Michellene (Sunday)

Picture this; an inviting space with soft lighting and soothing music for you to deeply relax into and release all your worries. The class begins in Savasana allowing students an opportunity to slow down and connect with their breath & body. Transitioning mindfully, we move slowly into and out of, a variety of yin postures that are held for 1-3 minutes. The intention of the practice is to let go and become passive while your perceived boundaries gradually surrender physically, emotionally and mentally. In time, with regular practice, you will begin to notice reduced stress and increased flexibility overflowing from your mat into your everyday life.

Restorative – Michellene (Sunday)

In this Restorative Yoga practice all postures will be will supported with several props to cradle the body and encourage a sense of weightlessness. Yogi’s receiving the light touch of  hands on treatment can expect subtle openings that allow the body to return to natural alignment with the release of stored tension and toxins that can cause disease. While in these poses, the energy therapy of Reiki & Restorative Yoga combined will encourage the brain to go into an alpha state similar to what is experienced during meditation or right before falling asleep. This powerful and passive practice has been shown to relieve acute pain, ease depression & anxiety as well as potentially increase the white blood cell count giving the immune system a much needed boost. This lovely practice gives rise to an overall sense of wellbeing and wholeness. If you have been feeling like you are stuck emotionally, under a great deal of stress, your digestion has been sluggish, and or you have been struggling to get a good nights sleep this class is just what you need. Please accept our invitation to explore this profoundly healing combination.

Tranquility Flow & Hot Stone Meditation – Janine (Sunday)

This class is designed to bring relaxation to the mind and body with this slower paced evening flow and the placement of hot stones during a full guided meditation.

Ecstatic Dance – Tess (Sunday)

An opportunity to really shake it, move it and lose yourself in the medicine of dance!  Free form movement in a zero judgement space. Allow your body to move any way your body wants to move. Abandon yourself to rhythm. No dance experience needed.

Aquarian Sadhana – Tess (Last Sunday of each month)

The traditional early morning Kundalini yoga practice of prayer, kriya (yoga movement and breath) and chanting! Come share the soft stillness of the Amrit Vela – the time Divine Nectar, with your yoga community as we deeply cleanse the subconscious mind. Getting up for Sadhana is a personal victory, and always worth it. It’s opening a portal to stillness, to be alert between the time that the night is completed and the creatures of the morning rise up. We get up before the birds. It’s a pure, crystal time best used to connect with the subtle realms with sound. 
Note about Sadhana – when the clocks spring ahead, we will move the start time to 4 am!