The Yoga Studio @ Lotus & Lettuce

2909 30th Ave, Vernon, BC

Class Schedule

~ All classes 60 minutes in length unless otherwise specified
~ In the event that less than 3 students show up for an scheduled class it is the teachers discretion to proceed or not
~ $10 Drop In per class or purchase 10 classes for $100.00 ~ includes taxes
~ mats, straps and props will be provided
~ please follow us on Facebook for class updates and any schedule changes


Fall Schedule: Starts Sunday September 16th

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Class Descriptions:

Rise & Shine

A Vinyasa flow class combining breath & movement. Focusing on strength and alignment; effort and ease and allowing time for Pranayama in each class. Theme’s of this class vary day to day from strengthening or lengthening specific body parts, chakra activation, mindfulness and everything in between! This class is suitable for all levels as modifications and variations are always offered.

Foundation Flow

is a set series of primary postures created to develop strength, balance and flexibility; it is a strong flow style class that moves at a slow pace holding most postures for 3-5 rounds of breath. It’s a class that typically appeals to those who are continually looking to push their personal boundaries by continually seeking a new edge and a deeper sense of self-awareness to their practice. During this 60 minute class you will find yourself building heat from yogic breath and a good old fashion sweat from the strength of the series. This is not necessarily the best choice for your first yoga class ever, but rather, it’s better suited to those with a general understanding of the primary postures.


Hatha Yoga is an introduction to the foundation poses of yoga, and this is a weekly series focused on the union of the physical body, mindful focus and breath. Each day has a theme featuring a set of related physical postures and breathing techniques, practised more slowly and with more static posture holds than a typical flow class. You will work on the physical alignment best suited for your own body and learn the verbal cuing for each pose; as well, each week we will introduce you to one of the 8 limbs of yoga. The class is recommended for all levels of ability.

Energy Boost

A quick 50 minute class designed to get your body moving after a morning at your desk, refreshing you and getting you back to work energized and ready to finish the day strong. The class is recommended for all levels of ability.

Yin Yang

The perfect blend of long hold Yin poses and a gentle restorative Yang flow, 75 minutes of bliss. The class is recommended for all levels of ability.

Core Strength

is a class to strengthen your body particularly from your shoulders to your knees with the aim of preparing you for arm balances and inversions. This class is a combination of fitness conditioning blended with yoga with the periodic inclusion of light weights. You can expect to work hard and have fun while you whittle away your middle! This 60 minute class will challenge you enough that you will happily surrender completely into Savasana when the time comes, and the cool towel for your forehead will be a welcome treat.

Root, Rise & Balance

An energetic class combining grounding postures, core activation and balancing poses. Creating heat in the body to re-energize and expel toxins through vinyasa’s and approaching various balances step by step in a playful manner. Build strength and stamina in this class balancing on 1 or 2 feet, arms or your head! Students with yoga experience, strength and a curious mind welcome!


Kundalini Yoga is a powerful style of yoga that gives fast results. An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices. Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras. The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.

Yin (Yogassage & Gentle)

has been a favourite since day one! The postures are generally ground work postures, many either seated or reclining and are typically held for 3-6 minutes; in Gentle Yin we hold for 1-3 minutes. The lights are soft and the music plays low as the teacher guides you through a thoughtfully crafted Yin sequence with most of the dedication spent on your hips, hamstrings, groin and low back. If your intention with yoga is to achieve greater flexibility and range of motion so that you can feel better in your body, well then, this is just the class for you!

Plus, in Yin Yogassage each yogi also receives some pretty fabulous healing touch offered by our massage therapist? You’re pretty sure to leave this 90 minute class so totally blissed out you just might forget where you parked your car; but make no mistake there’s effort required on your part but it will be totally worth it.

Yoga Nidra

@lotus & lettuce is a 60 minute super sweet Savasana; it’s like being all wrapped up in the safety of your very own cocoon. You will be encouraged to use bolsters, blankets and pillows to get completely comfy as you snuggle in for this once a week journey into self-discovery. Yoga Nidra promotes relaxation, tension release and deeper sleep patterns while it rejuvenates the mind, body & spirit. This powerful meditation is paired with the healing power of Meridian Massage, Reiki, Auric Sweeping and Chakra Cleansing delivered by one of our fabulous energy healers. Seriously this session is great for everyone, but it’s especially awesome for those with demanding schedules who are trying to find some balance to life, those who often put everyone else ahead of themselves ~ this ones for YOU!





Michellene is the founding member of Lotus & Lettuce; we have been in business since 2013. Michellene is YTT 200 certified in addition to her certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Her yoga teaching training was obtained in Indonesia with Blissologist Guru Eoin Finn. The company was founded on the philosophy of “health for happiness” with the belief that the greatest investment we ever make in life is into ourselves.

Her fitness & nutrition background are critically important to her, however her deepest truth is that yoga for the people is all about guiding a journey that has a far greater emphasis on the work we all need to do inward on ourselves. She began her personal journey on a quest to finding better coping mechanisms to deal with the suffering of chronic pain as a result of injury. and daily challenges both with her auto-immune system and extensive nerve damage. Her path to healing has lead to the continual studying of body and it’s systems. Michellene is a fighter and a survivor with a powerfully positive attitude and it shines brightly in her classes. With an open heart she meets each student exactly where they are on their journey and offers unconditional acceptance.

If your are looking to be nourished and nurtured into building a practice that suits all your needs, mind, body and spirit she just might be the teacher for you. But the truth is she understands completely that everyone must find a teacher that is completely right for them, someone they trust and resonate with; and as good fortune would have it, she is blessed to be surrounded by some of the very best the area has to offer.

Michellene has had the privilege of teaching in very diverse environments and setting, some examples include: Tropical & Corporate Retreats, Elementary, Middle & High School settings, Women Inmates, Fire Fighter Recruits, Bridal Yoga Booty Camps, Certifying some of her own students with 200hr Yoga Teaching Training, Private In-Home sessions and list goes on. She operates as a conduit for both love and light just as she committed to do as a proud member of the Bliss Army; completely genuine, very aware of her many flaws and is nonetheless content with her perfect imperfection. Life both on and off the mat is one big messy, emotional, grand adventure to be soaked up in it’s entirety, so come have some fun peeling back the layers while you get some TLC for your tired achy muscles ~ especially the most amazing muscle of all ~ your heart!




Shawn has been devoted to yoga since his first experiences on the mat in 2011. He initially came to yoga as a way to prolong playing soccer and rugby, but soon found solace and inspiration in a dedicated daily practice.

Shawn received his 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Lisa Babiuk at Soul Mind Body Fitness in Edmonton. Lisa’s strong focus on anatomy and a therapeutic style of yoga resonated deeply with Shawn and it both structures his class style and the way her informs his students. He is committed to continuing education, having attended numerous workshops and retreats since beginning his practice.

Shawn is comfortable teaching Hatha, Flow and Restorative classes; and it is his intention to share the many ways yoga can improve your life once you take your practice off of the mat and into your daily life.



Mandy has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and over that time, her practice and beliefs have transitioned from a fitness and strength based Yoga practice, into a stretching and Yin based practice. Every class that Mandy teaches has an underlying theme of balance. Balancing the body, the mind, and the heart. Whether you take her class in the studio, or on a SUP board, you can expect to be challenged and awakened through fluid sequencing, articulate asana, and enlivening pranayama practice. She provides the opportunity for her learners to safely find proper alignment regardless of their level of flexibility or experience. Her ability to encourage her students while keeping a smile on their faces is one of Mandy’s best skills as a Yoga teacher.


Brittney Kanuga

Brittney stumbled into her first yoga class at 15 years old and the practice has continuously provided growth and guidance to her life ever since. At a young age she began to recognize that one’s own mind, body and soul need to be cared for and healed before one is able to wholly nourish and support others.

In 2014 she was certified in the Edmonton area with a 200 hour training through Higher Love Yoga Academy. She taught at multiple studios around Edmonton for a couple of years before embarking on a journey within South East Asia. This journey included a pause in Bali where Brittney studied another 300 hours of yogic training.

She has now arrived in Kelowna and is grateful and excited to be able to be a part of the Lotus and Lettuce community. She will lead a juicy, balanced practice in a loving and safe atmosphere.


Caitlin Pickett


Yoga found it’s way to me in 2012 when I was in desperate need of something to call my own. A place where I could allow my body and mind to JUST BE. I found that in Moksha Yoga Saskatoon. After one hot session, followed by 29 more I was hooked! Yoga has then been in and out of my life like a passionate love affair. It’s something I’ve taken with me to many different jobs, locations and life paths.

In 2016 I was yearning for something more, an escape, a retreat. I signed up for my 200hr YTT through Akasha Yoga Academy in Bali. It was so much more than learning how to teach physical asana, it was a dive deep into myself, a mirror being held up to my soul and I’d never felt more like myself than I did there in those 5 weeks. It was here that I realized I can, will and need to teach yoga to others.

After returning to Canada and regular life, I deepened my practice through Empowered Yoga’s Yoga for Athletes training in Edmonton. I then quit my job and decided to pursue yoga full time. This entrepreneur life has had it’s ups and downs but each day I wake up and get to share the practice of yoga and connect with like minded individuals I’m so grateful to be doing what I’m doing.