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Class Schedule

~ All classes 70 minutes in length unless otherwise specified
~ $10 Drop In per class or purchase 10 classes for $100.00 ~ includes taxes
~ mats, straps and props will be provided
~ please follow us on Facebook for class updates and any schedule changes

Class Descriptions:

Freedom to Fly ~ A workshop style practice with introductions to inversions and arm balances

Beginners ~ Introduction to yoga; basic postures and breathwork.

Yin Yoga ~ A series of physical postures practiced, to stretch the high concertation of connective tissue found in the hips, pelvis and spine.

Yin-Yogassage ~ Adding touch to the deep practice of yin to increase its meditative quality.

Reiki & Restore ~ A combination of two very healing practices for one purpose to activate the intuitive process in the body restoring physical & emotional well being.

Hatha ~ The foundation of yoga postures practiced with methodology and purpose. A perfect place to start and grow your practice.

Nourish ~ A 55-minute retreat for the mind, body & soul amidst the hectic pace of a work day.

Flow ~ A practice that aligns breath and movement through a series of postures from ground to standing.

Yoga for Golfers ~ This class is specifically aimed at and designed for the golf community, increase your flexibility, strength & mental clarity.

Yoga Nidra ~ is a meditative practice to help the practitioners cope with living in a state of chronic exhaustion from living in the overstimulated modern world. Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of complete relaxation, holistically addressing our physiological, neurological and subconscious needs. This amazing guided meditation that will help you become deeply relaxed, it is a lucid state of what is sometimes referred to as sleep consciousness. Blankets, pillows, eye masks and and hour of mindful meditation. It’s an incredible opportunity to create balance, harmony, wisdom, healing and much more for the body.

Class Timetable:

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Michellene earned her yoga certification with Blissology Guru & Ocean Advocate Eoin Finn while studying in Ubud Bali. Upon returning home after a quick yoga stop-over in Hawaii Michellene originally opened Lotus & Lettuce almost 4 years ago in Edmonton as a private one-on-one consulting business.

Michellene previously taught yoga at two public studios in Edmonton in addition to hosting several yoga retreats abroad annually. Michellene has offered both private  & corporates sessions that has put her in front of audiences all over the globe in studios, on the beach, schools, churches and hotels. There is a wide cross section of individuals, their age and the level they practice at that have come to enjoy & appreciate her one of a kind style. She’s authentic and a little wild sometimes; her classes are peppered with joy, a little Sanskrit, maybe a Mudra or a Mantra, some fun playlists, lots of laughter and her deep love of the human spirit. Sharing the profound gift of this 5000+ year old FAD of yoga is an absolute passion for Michellene, she encourages one and all to come check it out!




Shawn has been devoted to yoga since his first experiences on the mat in 2011. He initially came to yoga as a way to prolong playing soccer and rugby, but soon found solace and inspiration in a dedicated daily practice.

Shawn received his 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Lisa Babiuk at Soul Mind Body Fitness in Edmonton. Lisa’s strong focus on anatomy and a therapeutic style of yoga resonated deeply with Shawn and it both structures his class style and the way her informs his students. He is committed to continuing education, having attended numerous workshops and retreats since beginning his practice.

Shawn is comfortable teaching Hatha, Flow and Restorative classes; and it is his intention to share the many ways yoga can improve your life once you take your practice off of the mat and into your daily life.




Niki’s fitness journey started over ten years ago as a love for health and well-being.  From kickboxing, to boot camp as well as personal training she has always had a passion for this industry.  When she was introduced to yoga 5 years ago there was an instant desire to learn more and dive deeper in the vast knowledge of yoga. This lead her on many great, soul-searching journeys from an Ashram in Thailand, to her first Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training in Maui, to an alignment based training in Nelson, BC. With 400 hours of training and 3 years of teaching, her yoga path has become a never ending, wonderful journey within.  Just returning from Central American and practicing many different styles of yoga in Guatemala, Nicaragua as well as Honduras. She continues to travel the world practicing in every place possible, while bringing her knowledge and passion back home.




Marc is an avid Golfer as well as he loves to spend time boating, waterskiing, hiking and generally enjoying an active lifestyle, as well as his practice of yoga. He’s a new graduate of yoga teacher training but started his yoga journey about 5-6yrs ago. A super awesome guy with a desire to share how yoga helped his golf game with those of you out there who might be interested.



Mandy has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and over that time, her practice and beliefs have transitioned from a fitness and strength based Yoga practice, into a stretching and Yin based practice. Every class that Mandy teaches has an underlying theme of balance. Balancing the body, the mind, and the heart. Whether you take her class in the studio, or on a SUP board, you can expect to be challenged and awakened through fluid sequencing, articulate asana, and enlivening pranayama practice. She provides the opportunity for her learners to safely find proper alignment regardless of their level of flexibility or experience. Her ability to encourage her students while keeping a smile on their faces is one of Mandy’s best skills as a Yoga teacher.



Hello I’m Stephanie,
I am a certified hoop love coach! I’m here to help you get into the hoop, take classes, experience workshops and learn new tricks. Maybe you’re a total beginner or you know how to move through a bag full of tricks.. Either way I hope we can connect and go for a spin. It’s exciting to get into the hula hoop and rock out, especially with other spinners.

You can find my hula hoop goodies on Facebook @ hulaflowclass

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