The Yoga Studio @ Lotus & Lettuce

2909 30th Ave, Vernon, BC





Class Schedule

~ All classes 70 minutes in length unless otherwise specified
~ $10 Drop In per class or purchase 10 classes for $100.00 ~ includes taxes
~ mats, straps and props will be provided
~ please follow us on Facebook for class updates and any schedule changes


Class Timetable:



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Michellene earned her yoga certification with Blissology Guru & Ocean Advocate Eoin Finn while studying in Ubud Bali. Upon returning home after a quick yoga stop-over in Hawaii Michellene originally opened Lotus & Lettuce almost 4 years ago in Edmonton as a private one-on-one consulting business.

Michellene previously taught yoga at two public studios in Edmonton in addition to hosting several yoga retreats abroad annually. Michellene has offered both private  & corporates sessions that has put her in front of audiences all over the globe in studios, on the beach, schools, churches and hotels. There is a wide cross section of individuals, their age and the level they practice at that have come to enjoy & appreciate her one of a kind style. She’s authentic and a little wild sometimes; her classes are peppered with joy, a little Sanskrit, maybe a Mudra or a Mantra, some fun playlists, lots of laughter and her deep love of the human spirit. Sharing the profound gift of this 5000+ year old FAD of yoga is an absolute passion for Michellene, she encourages one and all to come check it out!




Shawn has been devoted to yoga since his first experiences on the mat in 2011. He initially came to yoga as a way to prolong playing soccer and rugby, but soon found solace and inspiration in a dedicated daily practice.

Shawn received his 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Lisa Babiuk at Soul Mind Body Fitness in Edmonton. Lisa’s strong focus on anatomy and a therapeutic style of yoga resonated deeply with Shawn and it both structures his class style and the way her informs his students. He is committed to continuing education, having attended numerous workshops and retreats since beginning his practice.

Shawn is comfortable teaching Hatha, Flow and Restorative classes; and it is his intention to share the many ways yoga can improve your life once you take your practice off of the mat and into your daily life.



Mandy has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and over that time, her practice and beliefs have transitioned from a fitness and strength based Yoga practice, into a stretching and Yin based practice. Every class that Mandy teaches has an underlying theme of balance. Balancing the body, the mind, and the heart. Whether you take her class in the studio, or on a SUP board, you can expect to be challenged and awakened through fluid sequencing, articulate asana, and enlivening pranayama practice. She provides the opportunity for her learners to safely find proper alignment regardless of their level of flexibility or experience. Her ability to encourage her students while keeping a smile on their faces is one of Mandy’s best skills as a Yoga teacher.



Charlee believes that yoga is a personal journey fostered by community. Each individual should discover what it is that draws them to the mat. Tap into and nurture this feeling, this fire, that burns within and lean on your community for support and inspiration. For Charlee, yoga is an instrument that allows her to explore stillness. This stillness, which is cultivated on her mat, gives her devotion and reason to practice every day. She is thankful for all of the teachers that have come before her and to those that she will still meet. Mystee Maisonet and Erin Evans have inspired her to teach others how to link their breath, find movement and focus intently on a drishti (gazing point).

Charlee hopes to offer you a space where you can freely explore sensations during your own practice. She invites you to observe being unattached of what you expect a yoga practice to be, and trust to just show up. Encourage and welcome a fresh sense of life each time you step onto your mat.

“Practice and all is coming” – Sri K Pattabi Jois

Charlee completed her 200YTT with Bija Yoga in 2015; she teaches a flow class derived from the teachings of Ashtanga Yoga.


Sadhu Prem

His journey in this physical body began in the small town of Terrace, BC, Canada. James started meditating and practicing Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. He could feel it expanding his awareness and elevating his consciousness. Through a sequence of Divinely synchronized events, James was able to work with 2 incredibly gifted kundalini yoga teachers and healers (Sahej Kaur & Sat Kaur Khalsa). Deeply resonating with these Eastern spiritual teachings and a determination in seeking truth, James felt a calling to travel to India.

Navigated by his soul, he was guided to the Golden Temple in Amritsar and immersed in the energy of the Sikh Gurus. He was then led to Rishikesh and Varanasi, 2 sacred holy cities in India along the Ganga river. It was here where he had many deep realizations and encounters with yogis, sanyasis, and monks. Sadhu Prem Singh now shares the message of peace, love, and unity around the world through his music, teaching yoga, workshops, retreats, speaking events, online programs, and blogs.

Brittney Kanuga

Brittney stumbled into her first yoga class at 15 years old and the practice has continuously provided growth and guidance to her life ever since. At a young age she began to recognize that one’s own mind, body and soul need to be cared for and healed before one is able to wholly nourish and support others.

In 2014 she was certified in the Edmonton area with a 200 hour training through Higher Love Yoga Academy. She taught at multiple studios around Edmonton for a couple of years before embarking on a journey within South East Asia. This journey included a pause in Bali where Brittney studied another 300 hours of yogic training.

She has now arrived in Kelowna and is grateful and excited to be able to be a part of the Lotus and Lettuce community. She will lead a juicy, balanced practice in a loving and safe atmosphere.

Sam Richardson


Sam was originally drawn to the mat in 2011 and it lead to a 6 month spiritual adventure in Goa India in no time at all! Sam’s classes are authentic, mindful, grounding and alignment based. Sam truly believes that mind body and spirit are one and that yoga serves as a lifelong tool to open the tight places in the body while unlocking secrets of the mind presenting the full opportunity to release that which no longer serves us. Sam’s classes will be powerful, full of fire and yet leave plenty of opportunity to relax