Zen Warrior

At the Lotus & Lettuce studio I offer 90 minute one-on-one yoga sessions, couples yoga sessions, and small group yoga sessions with up to 4 participants. Yoga instruction for larger groups can be arranged at your location. I offer a complementary couples yoga session as a trial, contact me to arrange a session!

The Zen Warrior yoga sessions are based on the yoga practice and principles for health and happiness as taught by Eoin Finn in Blissology Yoga Teacher Training TM. Blissology Yoga TM is about awakening a deep joy inside that can lead to a consistent lifelong sustainable yoga practice. Mobility, alignment, strength, resilience & independence are the key focal points of what I teach. My personal belief is that yoga is a brilliant dichotomy of the deepest relaxation & intense strength and concentration; essential skills for both on and off the mat.

Yoga can increase oxygen to the brain, lung capacity, metabolism, libido, and flexibility, levels of gratitude as well as arm and leg strength while aiding the body with digestion. It can also improve your immune function, cardiovascular fitness levels and endurance, posture, joint ligament & tendon lubrication, gastrointestinal function, sleep quality, optimism, motivation and confidence levels. Yoga can help to relieve depression, muscle tension and joint pain, lower blood pressure, relax the nervous system as well as massage and detoxify the internal organs. It helps to release fear, self-doubt, and mental chatter by quieting the mind, while helping to create more balance in a hectic lifestyle of the modern world.

I offer instruction at varying levels starting from the foundation or primary yoga postures with specific dedication to Gentle Flow, Recovery Yoga and a strong Vinyassa Flow . Classes include intention setting meditations, Sivasana and a closing guided meditation. Zen Warrior also offers guidance in acquiring the skills of meditation. It is up to the individuals discretion how they wish to use their purchased classes, sessions must be booked in advance with me.

Lotus & Lettuce yoga sessions are excellent for one-on-one instruction on proper alignment and for deepening their personal practice. Also, they can be a very good introduction for both men and women into the yoga world in a not intimidating environment to better prepare you for yoga in larger groups.