Your Om Kitchen

I offer food preparation and cooking workshops, menu planning, recipe makeovers as well as delicious prepared meals to make a hectic life for you and or your family so much easier. I work one on one with individuals establishing likes and dislikes; I help take the guess work out of label reading by educating clients about our food sources and nutrition values, bringing bliss to the body with healthy food choices.

Kitchen Makeovers: I come in to assess and educate you on the items you currently have in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry. I share a brief overview of my ideas around healthy nutrition, grocery shopping, label reading and how to prepare foods in a healthier way.

Weight loss nutrition assessment with weekly menu plans with recipes: A full body composition analysis to determine dangerous excess fat, establish a safe goal and provide weekly menu plans to help you reach your goal. Sport nutrition assessment & meal plans: Designed to help those that are already working out regularly learn more about nutrition and eating for success with fitness goals.

Food preparation workshops: These workshops are offered in Your OM Kitchen on site at the Lotus & Lettuce home studio. They coach individuals on how to shop and prepare foods ahead of time to help reduce unhealthy choices and improve their current level of nutrition information and education.

Recipe transformation workshops: These are also offered in Your OM Kitchen on site at the Lotus & Lettuce home studio. Individuals bring their favorite recipes to me to be re-created into ones with lower fat and calories and greater nutritional value.
Prepared food options: Prepared here in Your OM Kitchen after a consultation with respect to allergies, likes, dislikes and goals or reasons for requiring prepared foods. I will personally develop recipes and meals to suit the client, prepare them personally and have ready for pick up. I offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options and customize costs based on each individuals unique selections.

Personal and Corporate Event Menu Planning: I will assist you with making food selections and menu’s for everything from an intimate dinner party, to a medium scale wedding or large scale corporate event. I can even host your dinner party for you and up to 7 other guests at Your OM Kitchen with pricing determined on an individual basis with respect to menus selected which is a super fun and unique way to host a delicious homemade dinner with none of the mess, clean up or serving! You get to be a guest at your own dinner party. Contact me for further details.