Corporate Wellness

Personal & Professional Life Coach: These sessions can be offered by an employer for employees on their own time or company time as a way to develop the employee’s succession plan with the corporation and or their productivity, education and or decision making matrix or soft skills repertoire for their position. Alternatively these sessions can be purchased by an individual wanting a life coach to assist in both their personal and professional lives.

Health & Wellness Guest Speaking Engagements: Can be made available to companies who are in need of a group or team building session times of significant change such as new company policy roll out, mergers & acquisitions, during periods of strong growth, infrastructure expansion or a major change in executive management personnel.

Personalized Employee Health & Wellness Strategy Sessions: Typically brainstorming sessions with HR and Senior Management Teams to put into play new loyalty and retention programs for the employees; keeping and attracting the strongest industry members from any specific field.

Lunch Hour Yoga for 5 or More: A healthy way to give back to employees and demonstrate how important health and wellness is to the company. Helps employees feel valued, get some Zen in during business hours leading to greater satisfaction, less stress and increased productivity.

Corporate Retreat Fit Break Facilitator: Offers companies the opportunity to provide fit break and activity based team building sessions for those firms who do annual or semi Corporate Retreats and want to break up the monotony and stir up creativity. I will work with a representative from your company to coordinate your activity.

Corporate Event Planning & Facilitating: Having come from a background of hosting large scale corporate events from start to finish in both the planning and execution phases I am very adept at speaking in front of large groups, rolling out corporate structure changes, providing team building exercises, as well as overseeing the myriad of details required to put together an event that spans a few to several days, coordinating meals and transportation as well as facilitating small to large size groups. I will work with a representative from your company to assist them in coordinating your event or function.