Buddha Bellies

60 minute one-on-on personal training sessions designed to help women build strength, lose weight, sculpt and tone the entire body. Contact me to set up your complimentary consultation today!

The Buddha Bellies fitness sessions are designed for women who are looking to get back into shape. Perfect for those with a currently sedentary lifestyle, women who have recently had a baby, those looking to start dating again and need the extra confidence before they do, those wanting to look their best in preparation for an upcoming reunion or event, or simply those that are ready to make a change for themselves. All Buddha Bellies Fitness training revolves around the core with interval, cardio and strength training combined to achieve maximum results and keep exercise from getting boring. My goal with Buddha Bellies is to coach overweight women at the fitness only aspect of burning fat.

Buddha himself experienced both indulgent eating and extreme food depravation on his path to enlightenment or finding the middle way. You might say he was one of the original well known yo-yo dieters that many have since joined the club. This is common in many women who find themselves carrying more weight than they would like to, especially for those with dangerous excess body fat and high concentrations in the mid-section.

Finding the right trainer is like finding the right life partner in many ways. They need to be someone who values and respects who you are as a person; often they come know some of the most intimate details of your life therefore you need to be able to trust them. Getting in shape can be an emotional roller coaster as well; the right trainer is able to understand what’s happening emotionally and with honesty and integrity helps to guide you through the storm. If you are interested in finding out if we are a match and can together discover the path to whittle the middle together contact me to set up your complimentary consultation today.