goddess within – transformation program

Designed to transform the body, mind and soul; this program offers a completely customized approach to successful lifetime lasting weight loss with the ultimate in coaching over a one year period. Goddess Within is an extreme weight loss transformation program designed exclusively to help women with more than 40 pounds to lose achieve their dreams of being a happier and healthier human being in the body they desire inside and out.

Zen Warrior – Yoga

Becoming a Zen Warrior could be the answer to many modern day issues that affect most of us. The yoga I guide is a 90 minute practice for both women and men that includes an intention setting mini meditation to begin, a full series flow with standing, balancing and seated postures with a guided meditation in Savasana to close the practice. Yoga is a great way to find peace within the chaos, build strength & stamina as well as aid digestion, speed up metabolism and relieve pain.

buddha bellies – personal training

Strong is the new skinny and there is no better way to increase strength than by building muscle. The 60 minute training sessions for women are created by combining a variety of methods such as weights with whole body movements, high intensity training intervals and super-sets all with goal of sculpting and toning the entire body. Buddha Bellies fitness sessions work with establishing the core muscles as the most critical muscle group to build exercise around.

your OM kitchen – nutritional coaching

I offer food preparation and cooking workshops, menu planning, recipe make-overs as well as delicious prepared meals to make a hectic life for you and or your family so much easier. I work one on one with individuals establishing likes and dislikes; I help take the guess work out of label reading by educating clients about our food sources and nutrition values, bringing bliss to the body with healthy food choices.

corporate wellness

A healthy workplace is a more productive and powerful place to be. Companies who demonstrate their values surrounding health and well-being are also companies with happier employees, who are more productive and solution oriented. They are also companies with greater employee retention and fewer sick days which can positively affect the bottom line. Find out how you can become a champion and industry leader in your place of business with Lotus & Lettuce.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
There are a full breakdown of the rates for every program offered please see the rates page for details or contact me to find out what a personally customized program for you would be.
What is included?
The Goddess Within Transformation Program is an all-inclusive package including all required tools to participate, each of the other services offered are individual and separate from one another. Please refer to the rates page for pricing details or contact me for further information.
What will I be expected to eat?
Whole natural, healthy foods from each food group, ones that agree with both your physical health and spiritual choices. I plan menu’s for my clients around dietary restrictions, allergies, conditions such as diabetes as well as the choice to be vegetarian. There are no boxed meals or supplements that are required for the program.
How often do I have to work out?
If you are in the Transformation Program you would typically have 3 training sessions per week with me, however it is specific to the individual needs of each client. If either Zen Warrior or Buddha Bellies sessions are purchased independent of the Transformation Program they can be used at the clients discretion based on availability.
Do I have to change my entire life?
That really depends on what you are looking for at this time in your life, what your specific goals are and where you are at currently. The steps to change are small, gradual and progressive so it is not an all or nothing overnight change.
What kind of results in weight loss can I expect every week?
Typically 1-2 pounds per week, however it can vary person to person and often my clients see results that are stronger than this; it also depends on the commitment and consistency of the individual as well.
Will I have to take pills?
No, however should you want supplement advice I can help guide you into some of the choices you may want to consider supplementing your program with.
Do I have to buy pre-packaged food?
No, however YOUR OM KITCHEN does offer a supplementary service of prepared food to help with your planning and preparing of your weekly meals at an additional fee should you be interested.
Can men join?
Zen is for everyone! I will absolutely instruct men in either personal, couple or small group yoga sessions, in addition if a couple join the Transformation Program together then yes absolutely men are welcome to join. However, I do not offer to coach men’s fitness training sessions or weight loss transformation on their own. Please contact for further details and or questions with respect to men joining.
Do you have age restrictions?
Zen is for everyone! I will absolutely take clients of all ages however with respect to children I am not able to do fitness training sessions or weight loss transformations with anyone under the age of 18