Lotus & Lettuce/COVID-19

Dear Community of Yogi’s & Yogini’s, 

We will be adding two additional precautionary measures in alignment with social distancing:

1} Yin Yogassage will temporarily be a Yin practice without massage
2) Restorative & Reflexology will temporally be practiced without Reflexology 

We will continue to make adjustments as recommended by the CDC, our Government and the BC Minister of Health.

We will continue to update you here.

Again thank you for your cooperation and diligence in keeping our community healthy.

The Teachers of Lotus & Lettuce


Dear Community of Yogis & Yoginis,

Over the past weeks most of us have likely experienced the rippling effects of the Covid-19 virus as it makes its way to Canada.

On behalf of each teacher at Lotus & Lettuce we would like to share with you our Collective Intention in these challenging times. We have always offered our classes from a place of love by holding sacred space for you to explore your journey without judgement. That will not change. We will however put in place new precautionary measures to protect the health of our community. 

Moving forward you can expect:

~Hands-on posture adjustments will no longer be offered.

~Clorox wipes will be made available for all props both before and after individual use.

~Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the studio for doorknobs, faucets, and personal use.

~Floors will be washed and sanitized after every single class.

~Reflexology, Restorative and Yin Yogassage have not yet been suspended. 
Our therapists will sanitize their hands between each person and wash their hands no less than four times per class. Practitioners wishing to participate in these classes must give express consent.

We understand that panic and hysteria can be a very real aspect of a global crisis such as a pandemic like this one. In no way do we want to further contribute to the fear people are experiencing and it is for that reason we have chosen to remain open with the above precautionary measures. 

We will continue to monitor the changing landscape and update our policies accordingly, following the recommendations of our government and the Minister of Health. We will also need your commitment to think and act in the best interests of the community at large. 

Please consider the following: 

~If you have travelled outside of the country—no matter the destination—please consider the government recommended 14 day self quarantine upon returning.

~If you are feeling unwell or symptomatic please consider practicing from home.

While these measures may sound extreme, they can slow down the spread of the disease and preserve much needed health care resources for emergencies. At Lotus & Lettuce we value wellness and community; we offer our love, light, and strength in these trying times.

With respect & warmest regards,
The Teachers of Lotus & Lettuce