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Goddess Stephie

This is Goddess Stephie who hopped on the scale today and hit her first 20 pounds down on her transformation journey. Big dreams, goals and a plan in place to knock off 40 more! Congrats Gorgeous for doing the hard work, picking yourself up when you fall down, being honest, re-evaluating along the way and most of all on keeping a strong commitment at the forefront of your decisions. ... Read more

Lovely Laura – One Year !

This is Lovely Laura! Check out her awesome progress; I am so damn proud of this Goddess/Beast of a Woman! She has worked hard, been consistent and committed to a health & wellness shift in her lifestyle for over a year now and has lost 26 pounds and 27 inches! I love you Laura and CONGRATS on results that are AMAZE-balls! Read more

Daniela – another beautiful Goddess!!

Daniela is like dynamite, small but getting soooo strong and powerful! This Goddess works out 2X a week and also does yoga as well. Dani is down about 8 lbs and 11 inches; she was never overly concerned about her weight but definitely wanted to tone up. I can't speak for this little sweetheart but if you ask her I bet she'd say she's pretty happy with her progress ... Read more
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