Sleep it off

To promote a healthy, deep, long sleep try a warm lavender & ylang-ylang, and taking your Omega 3 fatty acids taken at bedtime. Reducing coffee intake or better yet avoid it after lunch hour, create a nightly downtime ritual with no TV, computer, phone or other electronic devices. Lighten up your typical dinner meal, take an evening walk or read a book before bed. Do your best to keep ... Read more

80% Healthy & Wise

I am not a purist and yes I sometimes eat things that I know are not necessarily good for me or even healthy for that matter! But I know what I am doing and I make the choice consciously. I believe in food awareness and education; if 80% of the time you are making healthy & wise choice in the other 20% are some of the ones you cannot really ... Read more

Rev’n up the metabolism

Some visuals to help understand the what fuels does and where it goes in the body. Here are some additional tips on rev'n up the metabolism: 1. Consume Omega 3's because they help slow digestion down and prevent cravings. 2. Drink your body weight or more in H2O, dehydration slows metabolism, increases hunger and makes you feel sluggish. 3. Try drinking some of that water warm with lemon before meals to get ... Read more
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