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Rev’n up the metabolism

Some visuals to help understand the what fuels does and where it goes in the body. Here are some additional tips on rev'n up the metabolism: 1. Consume Omega 3's because they help slow digestion down and prevent cravings. 2. Drink your body weight or more in H2O, dehydration slows metabolism, increases hunger and makes you feel sluggish. 3. Try drinking some of that water warm with lemon before meals to get ... Read more

A Sugar Detox Diet

When the idea of starting a "new diet" comes up inevitably it's always going to get started either on Monday or after your holidays, right? I usually consider this a royal crock and the generally speaking nothing more than an excuse to over-indulge. While I am not a supporter of one specific "diet" I often promote the basic foundations of both Clean Eating and the Paleo Diet. There are very ... Read more

Lotus and Lettuce Cabo Vacation

15 yoga classes, snorkelling, swimming, inversions, shopping, the beach, all inclusive ... Are you joining the next retreat?   Read more
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